YouTube is an ocean of videos in which everyone drowns in once you open it. In this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic period most if not all discovered their new skills on social media or internet for that matter. There are also other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to show your skills but YouTube is something everyone likes to watch from children to adults. Don’t get sidetracked with thoughts “How would I look in the video?” and related stuff because remember that you are doing something that you are passionate about and not mainly to impress others. Be mindful when choosing the main topic of your YouTube channel but of course it’ll help to be trendy. To help you decide your niche, in this article we have come up with top 5 trending YouTube niche in 2021.

5 Best Trending YouTube video ideas for 2021:

  • Gaming channel

This niche is trending on YouTube most of the time. All you need to have are computer and gaming accessories. Games such as GTA5, Minecraft, Watchdog, Rocket Legend, Roblox and many other exciting mobile games are trending on YouTube from kids and kids at heart who love to watch and copy epic battle from these games. But if you are just starting, Fortnite can be one of consideration.

  • Tutorials

Everyone is looking for guides on internet even for simple How to cook rice? You can create video tutorials related to any fields that correspond to cooking, makeup, teaching languages, how to skiing etc. Divide the tutorial into 10-20 videos each of 10 min so that your audience doesn’t get bored. Remember that everything doesn’t get on your plate once you start. You need to have patience till your videos reach the audience. Don’t get frustrated in the middle and try to end it. Instead, thrive to succeed.

  • Vlogs

This should be on your top list if you are a mom because “Mommy vlogs” are trendy nowadays as they have their whole daily routine to shoot. Even if you are a student you can vlog about your day from morning till evening. For a successful vlog, you need to have a good camera quality, friends to make it funny and if not, you are also enough with a designed space area. If you are fond of traveling, Travel vlogs can be the best as everyone is interested to watch that. Try to show that you are connected with nature and surroundings which makes you feel peaceful and others will feel the same.

  • Stand-up comedy

It would be best to upload your sessions if you are a stand-up comedian as everyone loves to watch stand-up comedy videos. Don’t panic if you are not one of them but start your career in that field if you can crack jokes and create funny events on any random thing. Try to include GIFs, captions in your video as it will make it more attractive and enjoyable to watch.

  • Pranks

People search prank videos for specific topic such as random trick to other people or co-workers. Be careful as some people will get into their nerves and will cause altercation if the person you play around with are not fond of it. Generally, pranks to random people can be the best thing as it looks real and you get unexpected reaction which is truly fun.

As a general rule, it’s up to you which topic or niche you are going to explore on your YouTube Channel. What’s important is that you are doing it out of passion and something that feels like a second skin.