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Whenever you’re searching for something, which search engine do you use? Most of the time, you don’t even care to notice that the only search engine that you may be using is Google. It has had a massive market share when it comes to search engines. While many search engines have come and gone, the one that stands strong till now seems to be Google. But why is that so?

Google’s Dominance

One thing that everyone can confirm is that Google has held a prominent position when it comes to the search engine category. While Google has many other services including Data Analytic tools, the search engine is primarily that everyone reaches out to. 

This has more to do with the brand that Google has created. There are billions of people using the Google search engine. Whether it’s a teenager or a senior, they all use Google search engine in their everyday lives. 

The reason why Google has made its mark is because of the effortless results it has to offer. People are used to it, they like the result they get, and they will continue to keep using it. You might have heard of search engines, such as Bing and others. They don’t have a similar echo as Google search engine because of how user-friendly Google’s search engine is. There is no confusion, and users get their results quicker than ever.

But that is not all. Google is dominant when it comes to getting organic traffic to businesses. Everyone sets their requirements according to what Google would pick up and rank them higher because this is the search engine used by the wide majority globally.

Is Google Irreplaceable?

Now, let’s talk about the irreplaceability of the Google search engine. Can you think of any alternative to Google? Even if you think of one or two, do you think that those can be your go-to search engine for your daily use? The possibility of Google coming down from the throne of search engines is low. One reason Google may lose out is its privacy and security. Other alternatives to Google might have better privacy systems as opposed to Google. 

This may lead to an eventual lawsuit. However, even then, Google’s search engine holds a lot of power for users to stop using it. The company holds too much power and has a monopoly on search engines. This might make things a little difficult for anyone else to come up with and replace Google in the first place. There are heavy barriers to entry. 

Apart from that, even if the Google search engine lacks, it can easily build those points up if a competitor does come up at some point; it has the time and resources to do so. Recently, the search engine DuckDuckGo proved to be a great alternative to Google; however, many users shifted back to Google because of how they were used to its commands and other specifications of it. There’s no denying that Google, at this point, has become irreplaceable. 

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