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One of the best ways you can understand your site’s visitor behavior is through a free tool such as Google Analytics. This is a web analytics tool that can offer you insight into website performance and business performance as well. If you want to rank in Google Search Result Page (SERP) as high as possible, you must study the Google Analytics algorithm and see what can be improved. Upon doing that, you can make changes that will push you higher in the search engine results.

What kind of tools are available in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics offers you reports regarding your website. It can focus on things like real-time performance for your website, other than that, the best thing is that it tells a lot about your audience. You get to know where they come from, the type of content they like/dislike, their interests, what devices they use, what pages they visit the most, and so on. All these things are crucial if you want to rank in Google and also fulfill customer requirements and expectations.

With Google Analytics you can also learn a lot of great information regarding website speed, search performance, the number of conversions you’re generating, or where/how you get to generate conversions. Using Google Analytics is important if you want to improve search engine results, and the fact that you receive real-time information is more than helpful!

Besides Google Analytics, you can also use Google Tag Manager which allows marketers to track clicks from a website page. This tool is very useful for certain events that have a click-to-action (CTA) button that you want to track the clicks.

There is another tool you can take advantage of in Google which allows you to track the impressions and clicks on your website. The Google Search Console allows you to track the CTR (Click through Rate) and provides insights about your site’s Page Experience, Mobile Usability, and submit your site’s sitemap.

Why should you use Google Analytics?

The best part about Google Analytics is that it helps collect data and create reports for you to use right away. GA also integrates with third-party tools, not to mention it’s free of charge. With all this information, you get to improve your website’s search engine performance. On top of that, you can also find the best marketing campaign opportunities, based on what customers expect and the results you can achieve.

Google Analytics can also help you identify the target audience, while also improving your SEO and content. Knowing where your users are coming from is great since you will know what offers to provide and what you can focus on in the future. GA is also a good insight into how you rank in Google now and what you are missing.

Many online business owners use Google Analytics for segmentation since they identify customer groups and their behavior. This information is vital if you want to push your experience to the next level. Another thing to note is that Google Analytics can also give you insight into the competitor’s traffic. The great thing about this is that you can see how many visitors you have when compared to the other businesses you are competing against. You even get to see what social media site delivers the best results.


If you’re looking to grow your website and understand your customers, then you have to use Google Analytics. This is the ultimate set of tools you need to assess what your audience likes/dislikes, and what you can do to improve your business website. Google Analytics is a must-have, and you will be impressed with the wealth of information and quality content. It’s also free of charge, so you can try it right away, and then you can implement all the information to expand and grow your business in the long run!

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