With Social Media becoming one of the best platforms to attract consumers, the world is witnessing the emergence of a new digital marketing method. Companies have found Social Media Optimization or SMO as one of the best strategies to increase their online presence. You may have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization that for years, leveraged the impact of search engines to offer a successful marketing strategy to the marketers.

The importance of social media influencers

With the dazzling popularization of the internet and social networks, new professions quickly emerged. Social media influencer is one of them.

Social Media influence is based on a simple observation: each individual has more or less influence on other individuals. This influence is certainly not the same for everyone and will also depend on certain factors such as the social environment, the type of profession exercised, the region inhabited, the environments frequented, friends, family, etc.

For today’s people, social behavior is essential. It is culturally embedded in people’s lives. With the improvement of production capacity, the development of technology and the guidance of platform-based interaction rules, people are learning to interact with each other through technology and data, and social media has thus originated and has continued to develop.

It is not possible to reject the potential of influencers.

Although sometimes it may feel like putting money in new marketing trends, the potential of influencer marketing cannot be denied.

Social Media presence positively affects search engine rankings. There is no doubt that your social profile is important to different search engines. Your activity on social channels can make the experience of knowing your brand online more fun, attractive and personalized. So it’s worth getting a personal profile with the latest info and catchy content.

Companies must extend their SEO concept to include not only traditional search engines but also Social Media search engines.

There is no reason that social media activity will not appear to influence search rankings in the future, so wise brands will continue to build their influence in major social channels and consider Social Media Optimization when designing SEO strategies.

Unlike Google, Bing incorporated social bookmarks into its search results. But statistics suggest that Google also incorporates the same, although it has not made it clear in its policy.

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization primarily uses social media as an incentive or an effective platform to increase a company’s online business. SMO helps in:

  • Brand promotion
  • Communicating with your clients or audience
  • Increasing online visibility
  • Lead generation

The distinction between SMO and SEO is diminishing in the current era. They were treated as two different features of marketing. But the truth is, they overlap more than you think.

Therefore, SEO will continue to be important for businesses as well as for influencers in 2020. Social Media Influencers will play an important role in future SEO and the SMO will become as essential as SEO. Both these tools will be equally important and will complement each other to shape the future marketing strategy of the digital world.