Website banner ads are one of ways to promote your brand, company or products online. It is a form of online advertisement in which digital banners are displayed on websites of your choice. It is important to choose the appropriate website/s to display your digital banners. Things to consider are the site’s engagement, audience and domain rating. Knowing this can give your brand or company an advantage and be able to maximize the website reach and eventually better Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). Website visitors tend to click on links when something interests them. These clicks will then lead to engagement and increased traffic on a website.

Web banner ads commonly have a unique layout, eye-catching animation or engaging headline that intentionally captures website visitors’ attention such as “Lose 5 kg in just a month with our products.”

Do they work?

The answer is yes. Banner ads help increase brand awareness and website reach. With the right tool and ample research as to what websites to put your digital banners, surely you will see better results from your ads.

Below are types of digital banners that could potentially benefit your brand awareness campaign.

Main types of digital banner

·       Flash banners A flashy and eye-catching ads banner that purpose is to lure visitors curiosity. It’s an excellent way to showcase articles, products and images. The downside of this type of banner is that many browsers no longer support Adobe flash player. This may cause your ads to not play or display with error. Not to mention its hackers targeted to infest with bugs.

·       GIF banner stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It’s an animated type of digital banner ads that is interactive and engaging. They’re fun and next to video-like ads as they say. Making GIF ads is fairly easy (thanks to desktop and mobile apps) which you can create GIF in a breeze. 

In the banner below, it indicate the services it offers and animated click pointer which serve as Call to Action (CTA) to show more.

·       Static banners an image type of digital banner that is basic and no animation. It’s a clickable image in (jpeg or png) format. Since the start of the internet, image banners have been around as well. These ads are still effective and easy to create.

Ways to optimized web banner ads

As the saying goes, “a plan without an action is just a plan.” The same can also apply with displaying your ads online. Digital web banners are just plain instruments to feature your products, services or company if without the capability to track its clicks. 

That’s why SEO optimized digital banners are important to incorporate with your ads campaign. It helps track numbers of engagement within your campaign pool and gauge the traffic from site’s visitors.

The question you may have in mind is how to track clicks from web banners? There are tools available online that you can use to track ad clicks. So where exactly should we go, where else aside to Google, right?! 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool that enables users to track clicks on advertisements such as digital banners, buttons and website links. So when you want to assure success of your digital ads campaign. You may need to set-up Google Tag Manager on your website.

Aside from tracking your web ads, you also need to put in consideration the design of your digital banners. It’s important to consider the colour, messaging (what it offers) and relevance of the online ads your company is presenting. 

Putting yourself in the shoes of a website’s visitor or user can be a big help to determine if the ads will ignite curiosity or interest. Delving into human minds and emotions a little bit can have a positive impact on your digital ads campaign. It gives a personal touch and helps users to relate to the message you provide.

There’s also what we want to call “ads timing”. What exactly it means, well, from the words itself the right moment when an ad should be displayed. For instance, a sale of certain products because of an anniversary or special events that can be the theme of the ad. Tapping on this special occasion adds value to your digital banners and helps to get additional attention to website visitors.

These are just some of the ways to propel your digital ads campaign success. Be sure not to solely rely on one but incorporating them altogether can surely drive traffic and increase revenue.